The Law of Attraction and EFT
Two powerful audio resources to use right now!

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Since introducing EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) into the Wealth Beyond Reason program, the results that students are getting are absolutely phenomenal! Having a powerful and simple tool like EFT to eliminate negative emotions and limiting beliefs has proven to be an essential key for getting the Law of Attraction principles work in your life.

To introduce you to the power of EFT, and to give you the opportunity to experience it for yourself, I am happy to provide the following two recordings from two of my favorite EFT practitioners, Brad Yates and Carol Look. These two totally understand and LIVE the Law of Attraction and are powerful teachers of its power.

First, you'll probably want an introduction with EFT is all about, and this amazing video does a fantastic job of doing just that:

Before you listen to the teleseminars below, you should familiarize with the various "tapping points" discussed in the programs. You can download a diagram by clicking here.

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Brad Yates

In this teleseminar (running nearly 90 minutes) Brad Yates and Bob Doyle introduce you to EFT, it's role in the Law of Attraction principles, and how to use the technique along with the audio recording.

You'll hear Brad work one on one with several callers on their abundance related issues, and best of all, you can participate along with the caller and receive the very same benefits!

Plus, Brad and I just have a lot of fun cutting up from time to time as well! You're sure to enjoy this call, and receive wonderful benefits!

Dealing with the Dark Side...

The fact is, things get wild when you commit to utilizing the Law of Attraction, and it's easy to "freak out" sometimes as you realize your power.

This teleseminar deals with that...

Visit Brad Yates' Web Site for more EFT Tools

Carol Look

Carol Look's work has had a dramatic impact on the entire Wealth Beyond Reason student population. Her book, "Attracting Abundance with EFT" contains 42 abundance-related EFT sessions that you can perform on yourself.

This recording is of an interview with me on her #1 rated Internet radio program, "EFT and the Energy of Abundance". Again you'll be learning exactly how using EFT in conjunction with Law of Attraction principles can provide breakthroughs in areas where you have never been able to before.


Visit Carol's Web Site to learn even more!

Just Released!

14 Hours of instructional video!

Join us for a 3 day hands-on seminar where we walk 50 people through the entire manifestation process from beginning to end!

Bob Doyle and Master EFT practitioner Carol Look combine forces to provide the most complete and experiential Law of Attraction learning experience ever.

The techniques utilized on these DVDs allow you as the view to experience the same results as those doing the work on the video!

Learn to discover your passions and create a life for yourself that you truly love by intentionally engaging the Law of Attraction while eliminating the resistance that has kept you "stuck" where you are.

Click here to learn more about this 8-DVD set!


Other Essential EFT Resources

Below are some of the resources we mention on the calls. We urge you to fully explore all of them, as they are very synergistic in the way that they all work together!

EFT Video Demonstration - We've created an EFT Video Primer that visually demonstrates the EFT process. Check it out by clicking here.

Wealth Beyond Reason - The Internet's premiere course on the Law of Attraction. Learn the physics and application of this powerful Universal Law that will allow you to literally attract like a magnet what you most desire in your life. This is not a "new age" course, but a highly scientific (yet simple to understand) curriculum for living your life by design.

EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique - Here you can really dive into the ins and outs of the Emotional Freedom Technique and even download a free instruction manual. We highly recommend the DVD and CD video material for those who really wish to become proficient with administering this technique on themselves and others!