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An EFT Video Primer

Before watching this video, you should at least have some familiarity with the "points" that you are to tap. Use this diagram provided by Brad Yates for reference.

Please note that this video is provided here to give you some visual guidance in terms of how to apply the technique, but is not a replacement for formal training in the technique.

The content is based on my own daily experience with EFT and may not be totally appropriate for your situation. Although I practice EFT many times a day, I would not consider myself a "practitioner" in terms of providing therapy directly for other people - though I'm happy to give suggestions in any way I can.

For a really complete education in EFT, and access to many different resources including hours of video with experienced and certified practitioners, I recommend you head over to EFT Universe.

You'll learn why persistence can make all the difference in the world on those "stubborn" issues! The second set is for those of you who REALLY wish to dig into EFT and perhaps even become a practitioner yourself. It gets into many of the shortcuts that I allude to on the video and is a fantastic resource for you.


After watching the video on this page, you'll be ready to use a couple of other great resources that you've heard me mention:

  1. "Attracting Abundance with EFT" by Carol Look. This is a truly outstanding collection of EFT sessions that you can conduct on yourself that addresses virtually every limited belief and negative emotion related to abundance that I can think of.

  2. The EFT and Abundance Teleseminar with Brad Yates. Hopefully you've listened to this already, and now that you've got a better understanding of the mechanics of the process, you can listen again with even better results.

  3. Brad Yate's "E-tappings". These are audio sessions dealing with a wide range of issue that you can listen to and tap along with.
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