Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Winning The Lottery?

>Hi Bob: > > Well let me share some good news with you Bob. I wanted to > manifest winning a prize. I got some scratch off ticket (one of > those lottery kind you scratch off with a coin and you see if you > won or not) at my local supermarket. I followed the instructions > and lo and behold, I won a palm pilot organizer! It's valued at > about $100. All I can say is WOW!

Congratulations on that.

> Now, on 1/1/06 I sent out an email and I received a reply. Then, > I asked several follow up questions and I didn't receive a reply > from you Bob. Perhaps you are very busy? Just in case you missed my > follow up questions or maybe you did send me a reply and I > accidently deleted that email here goes another try: 1. Since with > the L.O.A. I can attract/magnetize ANY DESIRE I want, why is it > that in your book you say that "if you want money, don't try to > magnetize a lottery win, but leave that up to the Universe"? I > mean, that is what I desire, I want to win the Mega Millions > Lottery and be instantly wealthy! Oh, I can't even imagine what > that would feeellll like! I mean, to magnetize my lottery win, all > I have to do is feeeellllll that the winning ticket is already > possessed by me, right?

There is certainly no Universal "rule" against trying to manifest a lottery win or attract money, though most of the material in the WBR program does discourage it. The reason is that "large amounts of money" generally generate a great deal of resistance in people. It triggers issues related to deserving, beliefs about "hard work", and a long list of other things. Unless a person is dedicated to releasing their resistance in these areas, their likely to simply have too MUCH resistance to be able to attract these things by going after them directly.

Having said that, one with very little resistance may not have any problem at all - and now that you've had a win, you might be all that much closer to a bigger one. :)



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