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Meet David and Kristin Morelli

You're going to love getting to know David and Kristin. They have wonderful Energy, AND they truly know what they're talking about and have helped countless people make major strides in their ability to attract profound wealth. Click below to listen to their introductory interview!


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Kristin and David Morelli are the most seasoned of pros in the world of personal transformation, manifestation and energy. In 2008, Kristin was coaxed out of a comfortable retirement to bring truth and empowerment to their broad community of spiritual seekers, while working alongside her new husband, David.

Whereas she began her twenties with a less than elegant start selling shampoo from the back of a van, she ignited a quantum leap to making her fortune negotiating deals in excess of $100 million in the telecom industry. That remarkable feat enabled her to retire a multi-millionaire at the age of 30, as well as providing the freedom to travel the world.

Rev. David Morelli embodies success and a love for world travel as well. From a very young age, he, too, was able to manifest money in quantities sufficient to enable him to pursue his passion of personal growth and transformation. His work became personal growth and he was able to cram 20 years worth of training and experience into 11 years.

David is an intuitive life coach and a contributing author to Doreen Virtue’s book, The Crystal Children. He is a non-denominational ordained minister, a Reiki master, a Quantum Biofeedback Specialist and certified NLP specialist. David has the equivalent of a Ph.D. in his ability to see, read and heal energy.
At the top of his field, he has trained thousands of adults and children to develop their intuition and to use energy to unlock and turbo-boost their personal transformation. He and Kristin now attract flocks of Self-seekers who bask in the subtle power of their warmth, laughter and gentle guidance in their soul-shifting workshops.

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