Quantum Selling - Opening the Portal

Interview with Tom & Penelope Pauley

This interview was created to give you the answers you're looking for, to help you make the decision that the "Quantum Selling" course is right for you at this stage in your journey.

I hope you'll take the time to listen to the entire interview, simply because I truly want the oppurtunity to share my OWN experience with this new course from the Pauley's.

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Below is the letter that Tom and Penelope are sending to folks, letting them know about the course:



I am about to share the secret I said I'd never share. Forgive me if I'm a little nervous.

See this is the secret that gives us the incredible power to sell without selling.

It's the secret that helped us outsell the big corporate sales teams.

It's the secret that allowed us to reach unreachable prospects.

It's the secret that kept our teenage children home with the family more.

It's the secret that improved all our relationships and prompted a particularly annoying neighbor to sell his house and move within three weeks.

It's the secret that allowed a father/daughter sales team to set internet sales records our first year in business. Even though we spent as much time at Disneyland, shopping or the movies as we did at the office.

It's the secret that goes beyond mundane sales techniques and opens a portal to unimagined success and unlimited possibility.

It's the secret I've never told before….

Introducing A Revolutionary Course of Action.

Quantum Selling, Opening the Portal.

Many of you have been expecting this announcement for some time, so for you, please click the link below and go directly to the information page.


Or read this amazing email a friend of mine, Bob Doyle, sent me after he received an advanced copy.

*** *** ***


You've outdone yourself. Clearly, you've TRANSCENDED yourself with this one.

Truly, I thought I knew what to expect.

I was wrong.

The concepts you discuss are of course, familiar to me. Heck, I teach them
every day. But you brought new levels of distinctions to me, and provided
an incredibly powerful tool through your "portal" meditation.

I can't wait to share the package with my folks, and I'll share this with
you, as I'm going to share it with my folks. Of all the books I've read in
this "conversation" (and lord knows I've read, and WILL read a LOT of
them), this is the first time that actual salty little TEARS filled my eyes
- and more than once. Not because I was sad, but because simply reading
through the meditation (and other sections as well), tapped into a
wonderfully powerful place....

I can easily see spending hours over the coming days in the Quantum Selling

I feel blessed to have read it. I was totally surprised, delighted, moved, and
inspired. And I will do whatever necessary to communicate this to my sphere
of influence when the time is right.

Congratulations, and thanks for sharing yourself so authentically. You just
can't go wrong when you do that. :)

Bob Doyle

*** *** ***

Quantum Selling, Opening the Portal is waiting for your now. Click this link to read more:


Good Luck and Great Adventures

Tom Pauley

P.S. Oh, I need to mention that we ordered a limited number of copies of the course book for this mailing. Once they are gone it will take a little while for more to be delivered. And we can't guarantee the price past today. The price listed on the link below is for seeding purposes only.