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Wealth Beyond Reason

Mastering The Law Of Attraction

With Bob Doyle

I wanted to briefly share my personal story with you so that you understand how I came to facilitate this program in the first place, and why I'm so passionate about these principles.

First, you should know that I'm the father of 3 children. 1 in college, 1 in high school, and 1 in elementary school. So obviously, I have a great sense of responsibility, financially and otherwise, in terms of caring for my family.

Bob Doyle

Law of Attraction teacher and featured expert teacher in "The Secret" movie


In 2002, I was in my fourth year at a corporate job which I had grown to absolutely hate...

...And there was no sense of purpose or passion in the work I was doing. Plus I absolutely knew that there was more to life than a nice paycheck - which I did have at that time. Of course, it was that paycheck which kept me "enslaved" in that job because I felt I needed the security it provided.

But inside, I was dying. It literally felt like that. I would sit at that desk and feel like my spirit was literally drying up.

So, in January of 2002, I simply quit my job. No safety net whatsoever. Obviously, that's not the correct step for everyone, and things were certainly tough as a result, but I would die if I stayed. There was no question in my mind.

Now, I've always had various projects going "on the side" to keep me sane, and to allow for SOME kind of creative expression in my life. Personal development has nearly always been at the root of these projects, mostly because I wanted to experience breakthroughs in my OWN life, and the share the successful principles with others. Because I was so desperately miserable - and knew that there were literally millions of others in a similar position, if I could find an answer, I knew it was my job to share it with as many people as I could.

Long story short (if possible), I was actually out "on the road" talking to people about what I'd learned about "creating your own reality", at that time focusing on manifestation through meditation.

But there was a HUGE piece missing. Although I understood these principles on an intellectual level for the most part, what I did NOT fully understand was the Law of Attraction, and how it really works, and primarily how it was working in my own life.

The fallout from having that piece missing was a DISASTEROUS financial situation. While I'm happy to say that I never had to declare bankruptcy, I'm sure there would have been those who would have advised it. We had less than no money, and things were getting stressful to say the least.

At that point - luckily - I had learned enough to recognize that I was trying to figure everything out for myself, rather than truly allowing the Universe to handle all this for me - something that I "taught" folks to do, but obviously hadn't followed myself.

The day came that I just gave up "trying", and in essence asked the Universe for direction, and committed to following my intuition without question, regardless of how far "off path" the signs I got seemed to take me. I simply trusted, and let go of having to have all the answers myself.

Through an amazing series of seemingly unrelated situations, I attracted the information that changed my life forever. Information that opened my eyes to what I'd been missing the whole time. It was information that explained HOW all this stuff I talked about actually worked - at the scientific level - so that any lingering resistance I had to FULLY incorporating into my life disappeared.

This information that I'm talking about has all been rolled into the Wealth Beyond Reason program. You can have the same breakthroughs that I did, and turn things around starting today.

Once I began understanding the Law of Attraction and "wealth consciousness", a major switch flipped! I began LIVING these principles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I didn't look at this as a "program" I was doing. It was my LIFE.

Little by little, things began to shift. It helped tremendously that I regained my sense of purpose and passion and committed myself to that, rather than desperately looking around for any old way to make a few dollars. I promised myself that I would never EVER again do anything for a living that I didn't absolutely love and was in alignment with my sense of purpose.

And yes, facilitating this program is a major part of that. But this is not the only way that I create income (something people often wonder about). Among other things I write music, I do voiceover work, I write, I offer consulting in various areas of marketing (but only to the extent that it's fun to do that!), and other things that simply occur to me as fun to do.

ANYONE can live their life this way. You may not see that as a possibility now. But my commitment to you, as a member of the Wealth Beyond Reason program, is that I will show you how, absolutely.

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